Art Commissions – Your Desire at the Heart of It!

Art Commissions – Your Desire at the Heart of It!

You may want to mark a special occasion such as an anniversary, gift to a friend or a family member, or commemorate an event. You might just want a treat for yourself. A commission by your chosen artist is an artwork that is made to be cherished. There’s nothing more thrilling for an artist than for someone to commission them for an individual piece. I love to create bespoke digital artworks and I aim to make the entire process as smooth as possible. The key for me, and hopefully you, is to fully understand your needs. I always conduct a need analysis. It might sound business oriented but I find it helps both parties to focus on what the desired outcome is more clearly.

Here’s an idea of some (not all) of the questions I might ask: 

The reason for the piece, commemorative, celebration, etc.

The time frame to complete the piece

The size

The budget

The paper quality

What colours are to be incorporated in the piece?

What colours are to be avoided?

I ask the client to provide examples of colours, or I can select a range of colours they have asked for and they can approve them?

Where the piece hang, if known?

If known, what are the lighting conditions, natural, artificial, etc.

I recently completed a commemorative commission for a gentleman who planned and triumphed in his dream of completing a particular cycling challenge in the alps, the Alp d’Huez. On the face of it his brief was quite simple. He wanted my abstract interpretation of the particular stage he was planning on triumphing. I then asked him a series of clarification questions to home in on what he really wanted and we came to an agreement. Incidentally, one thing I asked which benefitted both parties was for a series of links to and images of the subject. We can see the result of which in this post.

Art Commissions with Paul Stretton-Stephens, Visual Artist

So, whether you have something specific in mind or would like to chat over some ideas, I can listen and help establish your desired image. And please allow plenty of time as I normally only work on a couple of commissioned images per quarter.

If you're interested in finding out more about commissioning me, please contact me.


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