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Digital Art & Photography

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Welcome to my Gallery of Modern Art & Photography

Hello, I'm Paul Stretton-Stephens and I create Visual Art through my digital paintings and photography all of which is available here as an art print or a photography print for your enjoyment. My photography is currently focused on, but not limited to, my collection of Coastal Life photographs. And my digital art is subtle and explosive where I aim to create bold, compelling images for the home and /or work setting.

My artwork also makes a great gift for that special day with FREE worldwide delivery on all prints.

Should you require something different to that on offer here, please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Digital Experimentation

Subtle & Explosive

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The Care Collection

The bond betweeen caregiver and the cared for


'Kindness' is 6/6 of The Care Collection


LOVE WITHIN is 2/6 of the Care Collection

Meet Paul

Paul Stretton-Stephens is a visual artist and writer who works with digital art, mainly for abstract works, and with digital photography, where he has a passion for anything coastal.

Paul’s vibrant and contemporary fluid artwork is gaining in popularity and is becoming more collectible. His aspiration is to have his works hung on the walls of homes and other spaces around the world.

Born in Robin Hood country, Nottingham, and raised in various places in England, Paul has been creating photography for many years alongside his day job and has discovered digital art in recent times.
He balances his artistic creations between his digital art and his love of digital photography, which came about whilst Paul was serving in HM Forces.



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