The story so far

Paul Stretton-Stephens, an artisan of the waves, masterfully navigates the realms of Fusion Hybrid Art, Digital Art, and Artistic Photography. His heart beats in rhythm with the tides, finding solace and inspiration in the vast expanse of the ocean and the coastal wonders it cradles.

Drawn by the siren call of indigenous artistry, Paul's journey has been a pilgrimage to the sacred wellsprings of creativity. From the sacred grounds of aboriginal workshops to the vibrant tapestry of Santa Fe's galleries, he has absorbed the essence of artistic legacies. The whispers of Taos Pueblo and the resolute spirit of the Navajo echo in his creations, while the echoes of Moorish Spain and the galleries of Madrid add depth to his palette.

In the dance of light and shadow, Paul's artworks emerge, vibrant and contemporary, gaining momentum and allure with each passing tide. His dream, to see his works adorning walls across continents, is an ode to the universal language of art.

Born amidst the legends of Robin Hood in Nottingham, and cradled by the salty embrace of Portsmouth's coast, Paul's journey through photography has been a testament to his evolving artistry. From the barracks to the studio, he has honed his craft, weaving together the threads of fusion hybrid art, digital mastery, and a love affair with coastal vistas.

With 'Coastal Life' as his compass, Paul embarks on a perpetual voyage of creativity, each brushstroke and pixel a testament to his passion for the sea. From the roar of the waves to the whispers of the breeze, his works echo the timeless serenity and boundless energy of coastal life.

Paul's narrative is as varied as the hues of the ocean, from his days in the armed forces to his role as a mentor and coach. Yet, amidst the ebb and flow of life, his commitment to art remains unwavering, a beacon of light in the stormy seas.

Now, in the tranquil haven of Exmouth, Devon, Paul's studio becomes his sanctuary, a refuge where he tends to both his craft and his beloved wife. His art, a reflection of his soul's journey, resonates with the very essence of coastal living.

In Paul's creations, one finds a mirror to the ocean's soul – dynamic, yet serene; tumultuous, yet tranquil. Each piece, a portal to moments of leisurely escapades and blissful retreats, invites the viewer to embark on their own voyage of discovery.

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