The story so far

Paul Stretton-Stephens is a visual artist who works with digital art, mainly for abstract works, and with digital photography, where he has a passion for anything coastal.

Paul Stretton-Stephens taking photos on the coast

Paul’s vibrant and contemporary fluid artwork is gaining in popularity and is becoming more collectible. His aspiration is to have his works hung on the walls of homes and other spaces around the world.

Born in Robin Hood country, Nottingham, and raised in various places in England, Paul has been creating photography for many years alongside his day job and has discovered digital art in recent times.

He balances his artistic creations between his digital art and his love of digital photography, which came about whilst Paul was serving in HM Forces.

His digital art is mainly abstract and the themes are based upon his experience of life and his environment. Whereas his photography is almost always nature based with an emphasis on the coast. His current long-term project is that of 'Coastal Life'. Paul’s passion for creating compelling imaginative images is clear in his works.

Paul Stretton-Stephens creating more imaginative pieces

​Paul has a varied background, from service in the armed forces to physical education instructor, senior education management, to mindset coaching.

Paul decided that his passion for art and photography nourished his soul so much that he has pursued these ardently, alongside some of his written works.

​Fast forward to now, Paul works from home in the coastal town of Exmouth, Devon, UK. And his work allows him the freedom to care for his wife who has mixed rare dementia.

Paul's visual artwork conveys elements of life, life he has experienced and life he has witnessed first-hand. This all culminating in compelling images that suggest worthy visual stories for our spaces.