Paul's Artist Statement

Artist Statement

A self-proclaimed ‘visual addict’, Paul’s influence arises from a diverse palette of life’s experiences. His focus is upon abstract, seascapes, and coastal life.

Visual Artist, Paul often says, “I have to give gratitude to Santa Fe for saving my ‘artistic life’! When I arrived in Santa Fe some years ago I liked art, when I left, I left loving art, and life has never been the same since.”

Paul’s artistic essence stems from arresting movement, light, form, and often, life itself.

Having lived by the coast for most of his life, it’s unsurprising that Paul’s chief inspiration arises from a love of coastal life. His travels have added to that inspiration from which he has developed a love of the multi-continent first nation peoples artistic depictions of water flow, rivers, seas, and oceans, along with an abundance of unbounded imagination. He particularly likes to focus upon the relationship between light, movement, and energy whether that be big and bold or a snapshot of a microcosm while using colour as an allure. In his digital art, mixed media, and photography he likes to experiment subtly and occasionally explosively. Paul strives for the same in his photography yet through a very different lens. His main photography focus is all things coastal arising from movement, form, and life. His Coastal Life Collection visibly exhibits these elements.

Paul pursues his creative endeavours while experimenting with both mixed media, digital art, and photography. An example of which is where he is currently developing a process whereby his mixed media involves a composite of selected fabrics, photography, and digital painting with a bespoke palette to create some of his works.

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