My Main Source of Inspiration

My Main Source of Inspiration

Every creative artist needs inspiration, and the source of that inspiration is infinite. My recent inspiration comes from my backyard here on the East Devon coast where I live.

The sea is my inspiration as a creative, it’s the source of all creativity. The sea is so beautiful and so transcendent; it gives me a sense of wonder and awe. I have this feeling that the more I know about the sea, the more I feel inspired to explore it further and find out what makes it so special.

I think that inspiration comes from having a clear idea of what you want to paint, draw, photograph, or even write. Primarily, you want to create something that is unique but also can be relevant in your own life. You want to create a visual image about something that has meaning for you as an artist or as a person who loves creativity. To have an idea of what that might be but don’t know where it might lead or if it will even work because often inspiration comes from unexpected places like in your mind when you walk along the shoreline, study the sky, or watch someone else in that environment.

Coastal Life with Paul Stretton-Stephens

As I view the sea as the source of all creativity. I love to photograph; to paint, and to capture the essence of what is beautiful on or in the water. I want to re-create the flow, movement, light, and energy that being by the sea gifts to me every day.

Also, I often feel inspired when sitting in a café or in a park with my wife who has an idea for something, but then she needs me to go down and sketch it out for her because it doesn’t exist yet. Sometimes I’ll look at my computer screen and see what I drew the night before and pick up where I left off. Sometimes I can’t see where I'm going because of a distraction by another activity or by something else that is happening around me. It’s easy to get lost in your own thoughts because when you are distracted by something else it becomes even harder to focus on what you want to paint or write about. So, I guess the trick is to harness the inspiration whenever it arrives. To note it down in written form, sketch, or even use photo or video. Often, I'll take a step back and just let it settle in my mind before I set to work on the idea that's manifested while other times I'll get straight to it and produce something extraordinary. I'd love for the latter to happen more frequently as it just seems to flow.

What’s your source of inspiration and how do you use it?


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